Self-Recording #1




Sam:Hi Claudia

Claudia : Hi Sam

Sam: How is your first day in Canada be like? [How was your first day in Canada like]

Claudia: My first day in Canada was very beautiful [My first day in Canada was a very beautiful day]

Sam: Oh, ok.

Claudia: Because I was staying in downtown at the land… landmark hotel [I was staying downtown at the Landmark] so [and] they have a restaurant eh on the top floor and we had the breakfast included so so we just when there to have breakfast and it was a sunny day [since the breakfast was included, we headed to the restaurant located at the top floor and it was a sunny day, not a single cloud in the sky], it was a middle of Winter [it was in the middle of winter] in January and the mo the mountains had were a lot of snow so because it was sunny and it wasn´t cloudy at all you could see all the mountains around. It was a really, really nice ah scenery and experience ah. But at the same time we went, after the restaurant, we went outside and it was so cold. [After the restaurant we went for a walk on Robson street but it was way to cold].

Sam: yeah

Claudia: It was really really we we we were only able to walk for two blocks and then we had to go inside an Starbucks because we were freezing it, it was really cold. [We were able to walk for two block before going inside a Starbucks because of the cold]

Sam: Was it in the winter?

Claudia: Yeah it was ah January

Sam: January so

Claudia: Yeah but it was a very cold January

Sam: Very cold January

Claudia: Yeah

Sam: Was it snowing?

Claudia: Sorry

Sam: Was it snowing?

Claudia: Ah, at the time no

Sam: At the time no

Claudia: But I guess in the days previous [But it was clear that it had snowed a lot recently]

Sam: Oh

Claudia: And they ah it had snowed a lot

Sam Aa that´s interesting

C: Yeah

Sam: When eh, Were did you go after lunch?

C: Ah, we went to, ah just to walk on Robson Street

S: Robson Street

C: And then I think we went to grouse mountain

S: Grouse Mountain

C: Yeah yeah

S: That´s good

C: We took the lift and then we were out there for a little while and then

S: Have you tried skiing?

C: Yeah I actually enrolled in in Gouse Mountain, I enrolled in this snowbording lessons and I love it. [Yeah, I actually took snowboarding lessons in Grouse Mountain] It´s a lot of fun, you get hurt a lot but ah I love it, it´s really nice

S: Sounds interesting

C: Yeah. Have you tried it?

S: ah ah I don´t know



Sound issues: Landmark Hotel

Word stress issues: Canada, beautiful

Stong and weak forms: a restaurant IN THE top floor , but AT THE same time

Native differences: after d restaurant we went outside, just t walk on Robson Street


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