Self Recording 2

Jess: Can you tell me something about your practicum opportunity?

Clau: My practicum option (opportinity), mmm I didn´t choose any company from the list because I didn´t find them interesting and I didn´t know what I was going to be doing on those companies so that´s why (eliminate that´s why) I didn´t apply for any. So I just aaa what I did is I emailed Fawn (Instead, I email Fawn)and ask her if she knew aaa someone form some other companies (from some specific companies )I found, specially online marketing companies and she said o yeah I know this guy but you should just contact him directly so I I emailed two two of those companies and I haven´t heard anything back (so I did but I haven´t heard anything back). So what im planning to do is follow up with them in the next couple of days if they say no or if they just don´t reply to me at all then I´m going to to aa to ask a Tara

Jess: ah

Clau: If I could do it at PADS because they really need people and and they don´t have a social media strategy like they are on social media but they don´t really have a strategy, and they do some pay-per-click advertising which I´m interested aa in pursuing (specializing) and what else yeah so I hope she says yes.

Jess: So what was your working experience before taking this course, are you considering like a combining your previous work experience with this practicum?

Clau: Yeah yea I did well I (eliminate “Yeah yea I did well I”) I used to work at restaurants () at a restaurant) and I was doing at at the same time property management for this haa for this investment company and I did a little bit of a marketing for this company so I would write like (like writing) lead generation letters, no letters, but haa lead generation material, I would write the copy and haa and I would find ways to advertise it am so yeah I´m trying to link that with this course and that´s why I want to find a practicum in a place where I can learn a lot (get experience in different areas so I can learn more), I I

Jess: Yeah I understand that

Clau: lot´s of activity lots of things going on because that´s the best way I I can learn and I fell comfortable to learn in that environment.

Jess: What do you think of the three week time frame. For me I think is a little bit too short.

Clau: Yeah I agree, I think yeah is very short because for the company is like they are going to train you and you are going to go away (I think is very short because the company will take a lot of time to train you and then you´ll be gone right away).

Jess: Disappear.

Clau: Yeah exactly. So I was maybe thinking about asking the company to stay for two months instead of three weeks but I also, I´m not quite sure because I also need a job to earn money and pay my bills. But, yeah I agree with you I think is very short.

Jess: A little bit too short to amm accumulate true hands on experience.

Clau: Yeah exactly, yeah because I mean anyways in a new job you mmm the first month you would just meet people and adapt and see how things work in that workplace so yeah I think I mean I´m sure it´s going to be very beneficial for us anyways but yeah I think is very short. Yeah so I don´t…(eliminate Yeah so I don´t) are you thinking about asking for more than three weeks or just sticking with the three weeks?

Jess: mmm yeah I might consider that as well.

Clau: Yeah asking for more than three weeks.

Jess: haa haa I actually contacted a company who was trying to hire someone but i i say is it posible to do a practicum? beacuse I´m I´m not ready for a job yet and they were really conservative beacuse three weeks is too short

Clau: Oh really so what did they say?


Sounds that might cause communication problems:

companies – I pronounce the “o” very strong

him – I should drop the “h”


I  don´t think I have a lot of problems here.


I think I still make a lot of pauses in my speech. It sounds broken and I have no rhythm.


I still pronounce the “h”in “him”; “and” instead of “´n”.

  • Any changes from Self-Recording #1

I think my speech was more fluid with less pauses and less broken sentences. I think it was easier for the listener to keep track of what I was saying because the overall idea was clearer (I didn´t start one sentence and jump to something completely different because it was before the sentence I was previously saying).


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