Self Recording 3 / Interview

Self Recording 3

A = Anthony (interviewer)

C = Claudia (interviewee)

A: All right Claudia thank you very much for coming in today

C: Thanks for having me (Thanks you)

A: So let´s get started here Hmm. So I see you have applied for the PPC     Performance Marketing Position, Is that correct?

C: Yes that´s correct

A: Great, And, I just want to aa go, I´ll just ask you a couple of questions and then if you choose afterword you can ask me a couple of questions and aaa should be a fairly short interview today about five minutes

C: That´s correct (Sounds good!)

A: Ok, great. So why don´t we start by eee you telling me a Little bit about yourself

C: Yes, absolutely. I´ve been studying marketing for the past three years, a two years ago I got really interested in direct response marketing and lead generation advertising soo I started reading a lot of books, I attended conferences aaand it lead me to take a Digital cer, digital communication certificate at SFU where is a (I learn how to apply what I´ve been studying for the past two years in the internet where is easier to track and faster to adjust), where I really started learning more about pay per click advertising and aa Facebook marketing, well encompassing Facebook marketing, google adwords and I really liked it because I´m annn an analytical persona mostly, so so I think it joins my marketing learning and my analytical part of my brain really well. (I decided to focus in pay per click advertising on google adwords and facebook because it´s where I have realized most of my clients have the best return on investment). (I studied Economics back in Mexico and I´m analytical but intuitive at the same time, two that give me a competitive advantage in this field).

A: Great, ok. Now why aa why Unbounce, how come you´ll like to work with us?

C: Ooh , three or four, four years ago, sorry, four years ago I took a social media director program at Webfriendly and aa Matt Astifan, the the director suggested Unbounce to build landing pages and I´ve been using the program ever since and I was very impress with the program because I don´t know anything about coding aa at that time I don´t (didn´t) know anything about coding and to be honest I was kind of afraid because it looked really complicated but with Unbounce (you don´t need to know coding) is so easy to build a very nice landing pages that I that are effective and efficient so in on one hand I really like the product I´ve used it a lot and on the other hand I really like the culture that aaa that you guys have at at the office, I had the opportunity to attend an an open house a couple of months ago and yeah I I had the opportunity to talk with some of the employees and I really like the culture (I really liked the non-corporate, grown-up aspect of it), I really like the entrepreneurial part of it and that plus a great product I think I´ll be a really good fit.

A: great ok and so what will be the biggest strength that you would say you´ll bring to this position?

C: My biggest strength I think aaa is that I´m very coachable. Aaaah When I´m starting to learn something or when when I when I start a new job I really like to learn from others and to listen to experience right? So I´m I´m very coachable I think learns fast I learn things fast. (My biggest strength is that I am very coachable when I am learning something new or whenever I am in a new environment. I like to learn from people with more experience and that were in my position a while ago, but at the same time I love to search and keep up with new trends)

A: haha yeah I got it, that´s ok.

C: hahaha and a yeah and a I think also I´m very resourceful. So I think those are two of my strengths

A: ok, ok am Can you elaborate on how you are more, you are resourceful?

C: oh yeah of course, (I think I´m resourceful )so perhaps when I was leaning (when I was learning) learning pay per click advertising we we had to run a a Facebook campaign and I wasn´t quite familiar with the platform yet so so I had I learned it by myself, I bought some cheap courses on the side and I and I had a successful campaign because of it because I didn´t sit and wait for my instructor to to teach me how to do it right, I I I did it myself. So so for for everything I like to like to learn from different sources and to find different resources to have a more a bigger picture instead of just basing my my decisions on one single opinion or thought.


1.What did you like from your recording?

I think I was very passionate about their product and their company and that translated well in my speaking. That being said, I think that was the only part I liked, in the rest of the interview I paused a lot and I forgot my notes, I started getting nervous and I even forgot how to structure a sentence correctly!

2.Are there any major content changes you will make after watching?

See braquets

3.Are there any non-verbal behaviour changes you would make? (e.g. Smiling more? Fidgeting less? Making more eye contact?)

Making more eye contact and trying to use my hand a little bit more to show more excitement

4.Were there any speaking issues that took away from your message? (e.g. Pausing for too long? Pronunciation of a word? Incorrect intonation?)

Matt Astifan, suggested, entrepreneurial (I pronounced them very strange and could cause confusion)

Pausing too long is another of my problems, I think having my dogs around distracted me a lot.

5.Any other thoughts?

I have to practice my responses more to sound 100% sure of what I´m saying.

Try not to forget key words (like resourceful), specially if it´s one of my strengths.


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